Thursday, December 04, 2008

'Tis x'mas time again

Jingle bells, jingle bells...we put up our X'mas tree!! We had a huge debate this time whether to get a live one or an artificial one, live ofcourse because it is fresh and better for the environment, but with all my moving and space constraints, we had to give in and get an artificial one. We had a whole box of ornaments and decoration left over from last time and had a lot of fun selecting which ones to put up. Nothing like a well lit tree to put you in the x'mas spirit.
Or a yummy cake!! So after having it on my wish list for more than a year, I finally got myself a bundt pan and baked my first bundt cake in it...banana nut chocolate chip cake with a caramel rum glaze...ooh yumm! The whole places smelled wonderful when I removed it from the oven. Can't wait to make my next one :)


Rahul said...

that sounds great Niki :) One question though how's getting a live christmas tree better for the environment?

Narmeen said...

It reduces the artificial materials involved in making the xmas tree and pollution in transporting it to the retailer. You can read this for details