Thursday, March 25, 2010

how to make an impromptu fruit pie ...

The following steps make a most satisfying pie :D
1. Go grocery shopping after an eternity when you realize it has to be today if you want any chai at all.
2. Walk by the fruit aisle just because you cannot decide which veggies you want to "store in the fridge till they rot" this week.
3. Get super excited to see peaches wondering 'woww spring is here'!
4. Buy peaches in this excitement without checking them.
5. Rush home to eat your peaches and find out it may be easier to peel a rock instead.
6. Never wanting to give up, chop the peach like you would a potato.
7. Throw it in a pan with some butter.
8. Realize they also taste like a potato so dump in some sugar.
9. Realize all of a sudden that you had never bothered to eat the blueberries in the fridge (that you had bought when you decided to go on a fruit diet - and never did!!)
10. Throw them in the pan with the peaches, which are softer now.
11. Remember that it has been a week sincce you were in Napa and you have not opened a single bottle of wine.
12. Decide to open one for yourself.
13. Splash the said wine in the pan just out of curiousity.
14. Splash in some more.. And a little bit more.
15. Wait till it all gets gooey-ish.
16. Spread an unbaked crust, resurrected from the depth of the freezer on a pan.
17. Dump the fruit gravy in.
18. Bake at 350F till the crust gets golden brown ( oh yeah you had to have switched on the oven when you chopped the peaches:)
19. Serve with ice cream - that has almost hit the bottom of the container and has been a residence of your freezer from a long time.
20. Enjoy!!