Thursday, February 03, 2011

Red Rock

The spires rise high above the desert
Glowing red as they catch the sun,
The trees cluster on the mountain side
Like flies on a sweet honey bun.

The great bird hoots a haunting cry
Scattering her call over the wind,
The wily fox emerges from his resting hole
As thin as a partridge skinned.

The lonely road enters the dark forest
O'er and around the towering block,
The unsuspecting visitor drives along
On the byway towards Red Rock.


Wanderlust in Japan

Cherry blossoms adorned the spring time,
And winter was past it's prime.
The drive was a delight,
The sky was full of light,
And my thoughts were all in a rhyme.

Ancient History filled the young city,
And the crowd was oh so witty.
The springs were hot,
The soup was in the pot,
And I felt like I needed no more pity.

The enchanting garden measured a span,
And the castle was made by a clan.
The shrimp were sweet,
The views were a treat,
And I was wandering around in Japan.