Monday, April 06, 2009

Lehigh Valley wine tour - PA

Ever since I came to US, I fell in love with traveling, especially being on the road. From our first year itself, we went on all sorts of road trips though out the year. What we never appreciated was that, being a student we had the luxury of time and company to just wander around for days and find new places. With work and school and all other commitments, road trips have nor become a luxury - few and far between. But the good news is that we are 5 days away from a weekend trip. Although a short one this time, I am nevertheless excited to go back to PA for the millionth time and experience the rural country side roads and explore some wineries. to celebrate A's bday this year, we are going through the Lehigh valley wine trail. The wine trail has about 6 wineries, and we are thinking of going to maybe 4 of them that have their own vineyards. Along the way, we plan to follow the Dutch Hex highway and find some old-time painted barns with hex signs as well as drive through a few of the famous covered bridges in PA. Pennsylvania is filled with small motels and bed and breakfast kind of inns - just the kind we love and we will be staying at the Barnhouse Village in lehigh valley - which looks sweet and quaint and I hope is true to its name :). I am truly excited to try out some homestyle dutch food and maybe pick up some jams and candles at the local farmer's market. I know that this next sentence should probably come after the trip, but knowing PA, I would definitely recommend people who like the country-side to try out this trip. Happy Traveling!!