Tuesday, November 17, 2009

If you have multiple blogs to write about different things that capture your interest, what would you do if either the topics sort of overlap or if you want to write about things that do not fall in any category? Just thinking.

Anyway, after realizing all of a sudden that I have not spent enough time cooking (or goofing off) I decided to finally use up all the veggies in my fridge, down to the last one. Unfortunately for me the only one in a substantial quantity was a brinjal or an egg plant - the one veggie I dislike the most! Well, when I was young, as a rule I hated all veggies, except maybe potatoes, but left to my own devices in the US, I had to eat whatever I could get my hands on and over the last few years I have tried and grudgingly admitted that I like most of them, except for the king of vegetables - the royal brinjal (remember the TV serial on Doordashan back home?). So finding one in my fridge I had to stick to my resolve of using it up. So I dumped it in the oven and decided to use it as my base. Now those of you who have tried making baingan ka bharta the non-traditional way (which is to not roast the brinjal over the fire but instead to use the oven) will know what the insides of the brinjal look like. I have never seen the outside of an alien, and definitely not the insides, but if I did, I bet it would resemble a roasted egg plant (see picture above).It could be the brains but I bet on the intestines.

Anyway, accompanying my extra terrestrial looking brinjal mush, was an orange capsicum that somehow escaped its fate of being a part of my halloween pepper biscuits and desperately cried 'now or never', a handful of frost bitten mixed veggies and some really sad mushrooms (another food item that I vehemently dislike - I cannot even call it a veggie, it is after all a fungus :D ). Well, with these lost and unwanted items in there, I must say that I did not expect much out of the dish (what can you expect from healthy stuff?) but it was surprisingly interesting and I had to document the procedure, which is why I came up with the dilemma in the first sentence.

I hope someday you have a fridge of veggies and want to go on a rampage to demolish all of them, maybe you can use my recipe then.
Enjoy cooking :D

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