Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vacation in the Mountains

This picture has been my desktop wallpaper for quite some time now. Every time I look at it, I am instantly transported to a serene place surrounded by mountains. This feeling is so overpowering that I had to pen it down. So here goes...

Vacation in the Mountains
- Narmeen

The clouds hug the mountain top
Flying low over the snow;
And the mist shrounds the growing crop
Beside the clear lake below.

The plain stretches across the land
As far as the eyes can see
And there the white windmills stand
As tall as they can be.

By the mountain runs a babbling brook
Teasing the giant oak trees
And there in a cool shady nook
Whistling, comes the breeze.

A pretty little house stands beside the lake,
Facing the rising sun.
The aroma spreads as I bake
Cinnamon cake and a sweet bun.

Faraway from the madding crowd
Solitary as the fabled Reaper,
I sing my song not so loud
And dive into my thoughts deeper.

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