Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Samhain's Tale

Samhain means the 'end of summer' and marks the third and final harvest after which starts the dark winter half of the year. It is generally celebrated on October 31st or November 1st. This 'Feast of the Dead' is celebrated by leaving food offerings for the spirits of loved ones and other naughty and good sprites that enter the world through the Veil, which is the thinnest on the night of Samhain. In today's world, Samhain also coincides with Halloween's eve. The symbols of Samhain include Jack-o-lanterns, mint, black stones, sage, mulled wines.

Samhain's Tale
- Narmeen

Darkness spreads her wings at night
Amidst mugwort, sage and mandrake.
Disturbed by the Jack-o-lanterns light,
She heads towards the lonely lake.

Carrying the scents of nutmeg and mint,
She glides toward the village fire
And then without a clue or hint
She descends upon the folks of shire.

With besoms and nightshade and cats all black
She calls her sprites through the Veil;
They catch the unsuspecting in a sack
And tell them Samhain's tale.

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