Friday, February 26, 2010

Promote the idea

Affinity to Math and Science has to be inculcated from childhood as we all learn the hard way later on in life - a lot of us, including me, chose the field of science just because it offered the most lucrative career options but not because it insipred us. And at every step of the way, I have envied those who carry in them the realy love for the subject. Seeing their enthusiasm in every experiment that they do or every paper they read is a very heart warming sight. I strongly believe that this can be instilled among the youth at an early age via hands on experiences and training, like for e.g., with the use of an educational tool kit, almost like a home laboratory. School lectures can be quite boring but if theory was aided by practical sessions, science would be a lot more fun. And this is what my good friends at Babson are trying to do. Please see their idea here and promote it - it is definitely a worthwhile cause.

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