Thursday, August 13, 2009

When the road calls what can you do but answer? I think somewhere long ago some ancestor of mine must have been a nomad/wanderer/explorer/gypsy(?) 'coz the wanderlust level in my blood is very high. I find myself on days like today getting lost in the pages of national geographic overlapped by my dream world, wishing to escape to some forgotten destination. Not a busy, must see place, mind you, but some lost, dusty road to nowhere. Some place that once was a bustling intersection, where people and civilizations thrived but now is abandoned for 'greener pastures'. A place where basic worries in life do not bother you, where you really do not care if the answer to your next statistics question is obtained from calculating the mean or the median, and somewhere where just you and your dream world exists without the harsh realities of the real world. The urge is stronger especially when I come across a link like this . So tell me, when can I go wandering again?

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